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Activity Ideas For Lively Reception Boys


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I have a reception class where the majority of my boys are really lively and what you would probably call 'typical lads'....skidding, running around etc.

However I am struggling with finding suitable activities to keep them interested and that don't have them running around the classroom after a few minutes. This is usually an issue during small group teaching time or free flow time.

My girls are quite settled with creative, role play, construction activities.

Does anyone have any activity ideas that may interest my boys while they are not having specific teacher led time?

many thanks :o

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We had a similar challenge both last year and this with very energetic groups of boys. We found that using ICT, laptops, interactive board and finding programmes that challenged them across all areas of the curric was helpful. We also used our outside area a lot and developed activities that we knew would capture their interest eg map making, exploring, using large construction equipment outside rather than inside, giving each group different things to think about and report back on from outside and inside (doing their own research). We also adapted our planning to make it more boy friendly.


Have you read the book about "young Boys and their writing" its by Sally Featherstone and is part of the key issues series? There are some useful ideas in their which could be adapted to most situations. Also just about to read a book about how boys and girls learn differently and will let you know if it's useful.


Hope this all helps

Nicky Susssex :oxD

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Guest tinkerbell

welcome sparklesinblack...I love your name


builders tray with dinosaurs,soil,rocks etc ...especially if they have collected the stuff

my boys really liked all the snow and ice we had in our tray last week...going outside and freezing plastic animals in a variety of containers had them intrigued

anything in the water tray

we have an igloo and a clothes rack full of explorers clothes

castle and characters


outside on bikes,chalk,balls and plastic bottles ,designing their own games.


ask them what they would like to do and give them times to show they can be sensible

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Guest ChunkyMan

Outside as much as you can

We use drainpipes, guttering and stands with water, cars balls etc... they love it..

Holey balls on string tied to a horizontal piece of string for energetic ball hitting.

Good old playground chalk.

Den building with any old bits and pieces.

Powder painting on the wet playground.

Themed clip boards (ben 10, spiderman, power ranger wrapping paper and shyseal)

Washing the windows with squeegies, sponges etc.

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Definitely outside!! Fortunately my most boisterous loves being outside ... unfortunately he feels the need to open the door every 30 seconds to tell me what he is doing! :o


This afternoon I was changing the water in the water tray so supply teacher doesn't have to fill it up in the morning, and 2 boys were desperate to help (to the point of trying to lift the tray out of the stand to empty it. In the classroom!) Once they had helped me to empty it, one started using our scrubbing brush to 'clean' the sink, so I got out our set of brushes (big and small scrubbing ones and a mop type one which are actually for paint I think) and put them in the tray with a couple of whisks and some bubble bath. Oh and the blue water they had originally wanted. Well that kept them entertained ALL afternoon - cleaning the ducks in their, scrubbing at the tray, making foamy bubbles .... !

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