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D0 any of you working with babies and toddlers have specific policies and procedures in place involving babies.

Could i have example copies of these policies/procedures or could you give me a brief outline of things to include in them.



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Hi Leo,


You will usually find some baby specific policies/procedures, if only because there is the Annexe to the Standards specifically covering the care of babies.


Will check specifics at work and get back to you next week.


Hope that's OK


Sue :D

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Hi there!


Our baby specifics are:


Nappy changing procedure (covers times, 4 formal a day plus whenever else they need it, how to do it - including gloves and aprons -, bathroom cleaning after, procedure for changing soiled clothes, completion of nappy change chart.)


Weaning policy


Baby bottle policy ( we ask parents to bring in sufficient prepared feeds for the day - some settings will provide, depends on your preference. Policy covers labelling, storage, reheating, how to feed (!!) completion of food and drink charts - how much, when, cleaning and returning of bottles.


Rest and sleep procedure(covers the position of child in cot, labelling bedding/cot, timing of checks on sleeping children, not leaving a sleeping child alone, recording sleeps on sleep chart)


Feeding babies under 12 months (covers hygiene, cooking and freezing babies' food,ages for introduction of different foods - ties in with weaning policy and whole Nursery 5 week menu cycle)


So there you go!!


Hope it's of some use!!


Sue :D

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