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Eyclo's For E115, Advice Please


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Hi, i'm just going through the ppa's for eyclo's 4,5,10,11,12, and making noted for evidence.

But the main problem is most of the evidence seems to be my planning.

Ive put dicussions with parents, colleagues , other agencies aswell but it all cssems to come back to differents areas of my planning.

Am i missing something

Any advice, did you use planning, if not can you point me in the right direction please, especially eyclo 5

Thanks very much

Gill x

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Hello Gillie5,


I have completed and passed E115 last year. Some of the EYCLO's can seem as if they are repeating, but we were allowed to cross reference one peice of evidence to another eyclo as planning does cover alot of the EYCLO's as evidence. A few other things I added were for example: EYCLO 5.4< I used notes from a discussion I had with a parent about the progress of her child. Eyclo 11.1 I used notes from the tutor group forum I had taken part in, EYCLO 11.2, I made a spider web chart to show how I used ICT within the EYFS curriculum, 11.4, I made a monitoring sheet and monitored if children were accessing the ICT activities and which aICT activities were being used, EYCLO 11.5, I used notes from a meeting I had with a room manager to find out how well the new laptops were being used in the play rooms for the children. EYCLO 12.3 I used notes from a meeting and EYCLO 12.2 I made a plan of the garden and how I set it up for an outdoor activity. For EYCLO 4.2 I used a letter from a specialist teacher to confirm I had developed and iemplemented and IEP.


Hope this will be off some help to you.



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