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Parental Relationship With Key Person


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I was thinking of sending questionanires out to my parents to see if they are happy with their key person and whether they had any concerns. does anyone else do this?

I wondered about asking whether they knew who there key person was? had they seen their childs learning journeys, had a meeting with their key person, felt happy with them? Whether they felt they could approach their key personWhat else could i ask?

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hi Simcity


Do they know the role of the key person?

If they were unhappy with key person would they know what to do / who to discuss this with?

Your other questions were fine and yes I think its a good idea to do a questionnaire. The feedback will hopefully tell you that the team are doing their keyworker role well or you may be able to identify things you could do better/differently.

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Hi Simcity,

We send out questionnaires every year for our parents to complete and most of them are very good about letting us know what they are particularly happy with and what could be improved. It's good practice and these can also be used in your SEF.

I would maybe send out a general questionnaire asking parents about other issues and then perhaps include a couple of questions about key persons at the end? Also instead of asking yes/no questions, ask open ended questions and just leave a space for parents to write what they want. I would also do them as annonymous questionnaires to help make the parents feel as though they can be truthful.

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This is what we do if it helps


When a child has the first visit we ask the parent to stay and the key worker introduces herself and sits with the parent to fill out forms such as 'all about me' and entry records which deal with the stages that the parent think their child has reached (we use http://www.soundlearning-shop.co.uk/ for this.


The key worker shows the parent the scrapbook/learning journal that we produce (we have a member of staff with a child currently here who is happy to share the information) and explains what the keyworker does.


This seems to help both the parents, (who get to know who their child's key worker is) and the child (because the parent talks about who they know at pre-school)


We've never really had a problem with this.



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