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We're having a clinic as our structured play and want to link to the over all topic Our Senses. Doing a sense a week so will look at eye test chart the week we do sight. Any other ideas?

Having the usual bed, doctor and nurses uniforms, bandages, medical kit, babies, scales but any new ideas for resources/role play would be much appreciated. Want to get each child to make a medical card so they can be stored alphabetically when they play patient/receptionist but with there being 77 children not sure of an easy way to do this. They found it really difficult using index cards when I just had my 30 reception. ???????????????? :o

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hearing test - put different sounds on to tape and see if the children can guess what they are.

Eye puzzles - those pictures where you have to stare at them for ages.

Optical illusions

Smells - can the children distinguish them. I use empty camera film boxes for the smells

Touch - feely box. (Cold cooked spagetti) is a good one!!!

A real stephoscope to listen to their own heart beats.

Height charts

Get the children to wirte to fake prescriptions - one chocolate button every hour for two days!!

An appointment book.

A skeleton with pictures of various organs for the children to stick on - a bit like pin the tail on the donkey.

Use modroc to make plaster casts....er maybe not.

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Optitions - I just ordered some Lennon style rounded lense glasses, 4 x dark, 4 x clear and 4 x red lenses, 12 for only £8.60 + VAT from

www.novelties-direct.co.uk. The children had great fun looking at things through the different coloured lenses and they fit really well. They are quite flimsy, but worth it if looked after ( ie: supervised) one pair got sat on and broke :o



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Thank you all. Might forget the alphabetical record cards and just do an appointments book (although it would be a good opportunity to teach alphabetical order to Recep) I love the idea of being prescribed chocolate buttons mousebat! :D

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