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Hello all

we have a 3rd year trainee teacher about to start in our PT maintained nursery. I need some advice on how to organise her planning. Currently we plan as a team each week but I know that I need to support the trainee in having a go at planning herself so she gets the experience.

We plan for the whole nursery (all four groups doing the same or similar activities for main teacher led concepts/activities with differentiation by support for each child)

I just wondered how other people may have approached having a trainee in their setting? ANy advise/ideas would be greatly appreciated in order to make our trainees experience the best possible.

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Guest candidoodi



Year 3 so they would have a preliminary wk were they observe and then more involved the 2nd week. If you plan all together I would suggest including her in the planning meetings and encourage her to share ideas. Good for them to experience team planning. Then get her to plan for a group activity for one age group based on what you have discussed. Then get her to do all planning for one area before building up to all areas and ages.


Tricky thinking from point of view of nursery as I did Teaching Practice in Yr1 and Yr2. Basically we observed then did Lesson introductions/plenary's,or a group activity, working alongside the teacher.Our responsibility gradually increased but by wk 3 usually planning all literacy and numeracy an one other subject whole class lesson. Then by the next week more subjects till we did everything!!!and evaluating everything - plans are working documents after all!! At the end of the week I used to write down what had gone well and what I had achieved and my targets for next week.


Hope that helps?



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I had a yr 3 trainee last year and did much as Candidoodi suggests.

I also got her to work with 2 keypeople to help observe and build the children's learning journals and discuss possible 'next steps' and interests for these individual keychildren. I was lucky as she had previous EY experience and so landed up helping to develop the keypeople's skills (which she would have to do as a graduate lead in a setting so I though this was very good training).

Finally I let her build up to also find out next steps / interests for all the children (we are a 60 place day nursery) and she then eventually fed that into the detailed planning.

Good luck!


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