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Hi everyone,


Hope you had a good break from work if you got one. I am currently working as a nanny (unregistered at the moment but am planning to get registered). As a nanny you don't seem to get mentor meetings, training opportunites etc. Until now I have done no written reports, planning etc on the children in my care as it has never been requested. I do tailor the day to meet the childrens needs I just don't document it anywhere. Anyway I have decided that I want to start using planning, creating a learning journies etc, now here comes the silly question. What are the early years foundation stage profiles? I have done a search on the internet and found guidence of how to fill them in but no examples of what they actually are, does anyone know where I can get this information? I was previously a manager of a nursery and have had lots of experiance of the foundation stage and birth to 3 but no current experiance of the EYPS and am feeling a bit out of the loop.


I am lucky that I know a few managers of local nurseries who help me out with planning etc and I'm sure they would help me out with the profiles too but just thought I'd have a quick ask on here.


So.......any ideas where I begin :o

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Guest Mrs Tiggy Winkle

EY Profiles are just done for children at the end of their Reception Year, so as a nanny it is unlikely that you would need to do these. I would work on keeping a learning journey for each child and using that as a basis for your planning of next steps. I do understand where your coming from tho, I went from full time class teaching into part time nannying and whilst I relished the opportunity to work without planning, I did find that I was still doing it mentally and constantly assessing where the children were at and where they needed to go next, just not anything formal! Now am a CCQT and still trying to approach the whole planning thing from yet another angle lol

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