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Newyears Resolutions


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Happy New Year everyone! xD

Am now thinking of school again tomorrow!Have had two weeks off and am typically leaving work till Sunday afternoon!!! :o

Thought that I might like to do something about new years resolutions tomorrow before we get going on our new topic.

Am really struggling for ideas and activities on what we can do with this, unless i just leave it to circle time and then get going on our topic of weather?

What do you think?

Any ideas would be gratefully received!!!!



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I am doing the same too! think every teacher is sat planning at the mo!


i remember trying to do new years resolutions with my Reception class last year and it was a bit of a disaster! the children didnt really get the idea. this year we have decided to do new year wishes - i 2010 i would like to.... , this allows for scope eg: some might sayt tidy my toys away, help my mum etc or others might say visit the zoo or make new friends. it seems to make the concept a bit easier to understand (well i hope it does, will find out tomorrow!) we write them on bordered paper (adults can scribe what children say if needed) We then put them up on display for the parents to see and so they know what their child hopes to do. we might also be brave and encourage parents too add their resolutions too!


Hope this helps



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.......and your own new years resolution??? Check your boobs and get the menfolk in your life to check the testicles! sorry to be a bore about this, but a five minute check might just be the best thing you do for yourself this year!

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