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Planning For Literacy And Numeracy


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Hi there,

Haven't posted for ages!, so here it goes....


We have a Medium term plan and short term, but are finding that Literacy and Numeracy are needing plans for themselves for upfront activities, not to mention RE planning.


Does everyone else have this many planning sheets? The Numeracy and Literacy are so specific it cant go on weekly short term plan. Also as we use the Key Worker system Literacy and Numeracy plans are needed for Key workers to work from for upfront differentiated activities.


Any suggestions would be much appreciated, feel like we spend so much time planning! Driving me mad. :o

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Are you in Reception?

What I am currently doing in my reception class is a weekly short term plan which has carpet sessions on it and topic activities on. But for literacy (CLL) and numeracy (PSRN) adult led tasks in groups (differentiated), I do an individual activity plan on a separate sheet. I also have a separate phonics planning sheet too. The inidividual activities plans have space to evaluate the activitiy and write brief obs about children to who exceeded or struggled to meet the objective to inform future planning. Works for us!

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