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Does Anyone Know These Books?


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I was talking to a colleage last weeek and she mentioned tow lovely books for outdoors. I can't remember all the titles, but perhaps someone knows?


One was caled 'Christophers........?' About a rabbit who eats dandelions!

The other was about a small furry animal (squirrel I think) who takes risks. I think he keeps falling out of a tree? Sounds a god story for risk taking.


Sorry to be so vague, but they sounded realy lovely stories.


Thank you



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Ah yes.. my little girl has had the squirrel one out of the library. It is funny. Can't rem the name! The squirrel is too scared to leave the tree as it sees everything as a massive hazard. Scaredy Squirrel? or um.. something like it.. hmmmm..

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