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Topic Week- Vikings


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At school we have regular project weeks. Next half term it is the Vikings. In our foundation stage unit we try to join in with these weeks, but i am having a few problems with ideas. Has anybody got any ideas, names of books, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Wow!! :(:( :wacko:


What a great idea for a topic!!!!

Living on the Isle of Man our whole history has evolved around those vikings sailing to the Island and "raping, pillaging and plundering" not an appropraite start for a topic I know !!!!

You've really got me thinking now!! We've never ever considered that as a topic :oxD:(


Off the top of my head I suppose you could look at where they came from, try to build a longship in the role play area. Could you look at runic alphabets??


Let me get in touch with our local museums to see if they have any info for the Foundation Stage Curriculum.


I do have a story about a little viking who kept getting seasick. It's in my bookbox at work, I'll look out the title tomorrow!!


Back tomorrow



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