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Hi there,

I am a CC teacher and some of the childminders I have been working with have recently been bringing lots of different published resource books- i.e. photocopiable blank planning formats- to our meetings and asking me which is the best one to buy. I feel that the best one is a format that works for you and is meaningful and manageable, but some CM's seem to want me to tell them to buy one or the other.

Do any CM's out there have a planning version that has been recommended to them or is popular by consensus? I'd be really grateful if you could let me know. The majority of my CM's are going with my suggested format, but there are just one or two who I think would feel happier with something published to show OFSTED.

Thanks for any replies.

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Hi Mozart,


I bought the NCMA book and have never used it - doesn't suit my "style" at all!!


Most of what I use has been cribbed or adapted from this site - point them in this direction, perhaps!?



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I agree - you just have to experiment, I have tried a few of the proforma's on the EYFS CD rom and most have thought in the end - I can't maintain this, or, I never fill that part of the box in, so you just adapt it or make your own. It' s trial and error for me mainly. But, I thi nk the issue here is that people want to get it right, so sometimes look for something ready made

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