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Hi Everyone,


As FS coordinator I have been asked to contribute to our PD day in January which is about assessment. I have been asked to explain what subject co-ordinators should expect to see when they do book scrutinies and also what evidence base we build up in Foundation Stage. (I think this all came from a recent book scrutiny when they were looking for AfL and weren't really sure what they should be looking for).


I was wondering if anyone on here has any monitoring proformas, or anything else which may help me to deliver this.


Any ideas anyone?


Thank you in advance for your help.


Mel C

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EY assessment doesn't link with anything else so it is really hard for other teachers to get an idea of EY assessment! I gave out copies of CLL statements for staff to read alongside work, so they can see where children 'come from' - they found it useful but I had to talk them through it. Make sure no one tries to make links between EY scales and NC levels - they don't exist!



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