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Just had a fundraiser and managed to raise £100, with more on the way!

We desperately need waterproof clothing for our outdoor area.

Anyone bought any recently that is fairly cheap but GOOD quality?


Many Thanks



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Just wondered, did you purchase all in one suits or separate jackets and trousers? What is sizing like?


Separate trousers and Jackets - we are a pre-school 2-4 years but I have sizes 5-6 as felt 3-4 were too small for our bigger children and they will grow over the next year. we do roll up cufts for smaller ones.

Our reception class also has size 5-6

We often wear over coats and thick clothing

They wash brilliantly, currently have 25 dirty pairs hanging on washing line waiting for rain to rinse before I attempt to wash them in my machine!!!

When wash DO NOT USE CONDITIONER it make the waterproofing go!"



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