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Hi am struggling to find a new and interesting ways to introduce HFW into my action packed days. Started off putting words on the wall for children to read. I have put words into sentences for handwriting sessions. I have laminated word charts children use to support writing tasks. I have also sent words home in a tin for children to learn, wondering if anyone has some shinning examples that children enjoy. This is a mixture of rec/yr1 ideas.


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its drip drip really isn't it?


write words onto gold card and hide in the sand for treasure hunt - find and put in the 'treasure chest'


Put a paper clip onto each word and play metal detectors with magnet - have lots of copies of each word so its a sorting activity too, which word did we find more?


speed matching - on an A3 sheet, write 2 very different tricky words, write randomly all over the page - not like normal text! Laminate the sheet. Use a 1 minute timer and get the child to cross out as many 'the' words, or whatever, before the timer runs out! or make it really hard and have 3 words and they ahve to change between each one! boys like the competition element.


Pelmanism is also a good game to develop short term memory.


We play the 'master master can we cross the river' game from L&S book, sometimes using the children or sometimes play mobile people - the children say m, m can we cross the river? Adult replies - 'Only if you have this tricky word - which is written on a small w/brd and shown briefly - as children get better at retaining words I just say the tricky word I want. If they have it they can cross the river/carpet.


I also make my own small reaidng books usign only current tricky words and pictures - childrne take these home to read. Parents really like these too.


Hope these are of use!



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