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Help - We've Had The Phone Call!


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Got THE call today - Mr O is coming in on Tuesday and Wednesday with an Early Years focus particularly on CLL.

We're basing our week loosely around our book of the week THE SMARTEST GIANT IN TOWN.

Has anyone got any great ideas that will impress and go down well with the children? It's my first term in F2 and in a recent observation the head said I was too formal - so creative CLL ideas would be lovely.

Also, what did Mr O really like in your setting?

Don't expect many answers tonight as I know everyone else will be enjoying Children in Need - lucky you! I can hear it through the lounge door! Maybe I'll see some of it when I'm too tired to think any more!!!!


Any good advice would be really appreciated xxxxxx

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When they came to us last eyar they wanted to look at CLL outside, assessment records (which they said i recorded too much and needed to think about ways to manage my assessments more effectively!)


I don't actually know the book you mentioned. But going by Susan's post about a clothes focus, you could do labelling, sorting, designing, laundry even! Clothes for different occasions, clothes for different weathers (waterproffing is always so much fun!). I just had a look at my clothes topic from last year and that was pretty much it in CLL.


What about role play with giant clothes? Some oversized shirts etc that the children could use to recreate the giant's character using story language? Laundry is often fun - and one for the outside area! Give the children laminated instructions to follow with picture cues and simple written instructions that some of the more able could have a go to decode?


I can't think of much more at the moment. Hopefully someone who's more with it than me today will have some brilliant ideas.

Good luck for next week!

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my friend put giant muddy footprints around her classroom, and put an old broken chair in the classrooma nd made things a bit messy where she was working to make it look like a giant had been in their classroom x it was for jack and the beanstalk thoughx

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I like the laundry idea. Just need good weather!

chose that book because the children loved The Gruffalo the week before and it is by the same author

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We had our inspection last month. In my experience they want to see lots going on. Try and introduce as much as you can to the kids on Monday, of they aren't coming until Tuesday. We were unlucky in that they came to my classroom as soon as I opened the doors on a Monday morning. You know what is like - dinner money, snack money, parents needed to tell me things, kids full of what they had done that weekend!!! On the timetable it said Mrs O was staying an hour but she only stayed 20 mins and then had the cheek to say she hadn't seen enough child initiated creative learning. Fortunately she came back in the afternoon and the fact that the room they were based in overlooked our outdoor area. This probably saved us and she apologised for her initial comments!


The ideas people have given so far are great. We had a wash house outside despite the cold weather and things like pegging socks on the washing line sing - 10 White socks hanging on the line to the tune of 10 Green bottles the children thought of different songs using different clothes. - links with PSRN, CLL, PSE and CD. A pile of clothes and letter cards - take a card can you find something beginning with h ?


To sum up

1. Use all your classroom indoors and out despite the weather just go for it.

2. Have lots of child initiated activities, cheat a bit and introduce them on Monday ( give the children ideas as to how they could use them) but on Tuesday and Wednesday leave them to it.

3. Work with a group of children ( perhaps the poorest or least well behavioured . This will at least get to show the more able off and rein the others in a bit.

4. But don't work with this group too long. Make sure you and your TA are observing.

Mrs O might want a meeting with you and your TA after school. Just show off all you do and hang back. Hope this helps. Let us know how it goes and make sure you get a break at some point over the weekend.

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Lots of good advice all I would add is really use the outdoor as much as you can. The Smartest giant in town also gives you a chance to look at taking walks good use of outdoors and being kind to others as I think he gives all his clothes away i the end doesn't he?


You could make some of your phonic games fit to the theme also.


Just be you don't try to introduce systems etc just for Ofsted do it for you and the children and guess what ofsted will like it!


good Luck.

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Yes all as above - we had ours last year. They wanted outdoor learning. They wanted even child initiated activities to have some learning focus (which threw me a bit) and 'sustained shared thinking' was a biggy.


Good luck, sure you'll be brill x

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We got the phone call yesterday too and they are also coming on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Where in the country are you?


I was going to post to ask if any body had any tips.


Our topic is Goldilocks. Been in all day today dotting the i's and crossing the t's. Unfortunately I had stripped two displays on Thursday so had to put two new displays up as well as every thing else.


Good luck to you


Becs x

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