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Its me again stuck on another question could do with some advice

Explain how intellectual development is linked to the acquisition of mathematical and scientific concepts to solve practical promblems



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Concepts such as weight, floating and sinking, sequencing time etc are learnt through play, experimenting and generally just chatting!! :D As adults we can provide activities, ask and answer questions and direct the children in their investigations. This will involve them using all their senses, concentrating, imitating and then understanding. Obviously they won't be able to do these things until they are developed enough intellectually. Clear as mud?? Thought so!! :oxD

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Still not getting this question, late night typed loads of sheets, can somebody explain in child format and apologies as new to this website and format. thanks Teej

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Intellectual development: -


Thinking and reasoning

Knowledge and understanding


Problem solving

Using five senses


By offering children lots of different experiences and encouraging them to exlore and ask questions they can use their 'intellectual' development to understand mathematical and scientific concepts.


So, for example, how does a child know that water freezes and ice melts when it get's warm? Link it to the things I have talked about above. :)

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