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::1aThis is my first time of asking for help. Would really appreciate any ideas.


I have read that PLODS are good way of planning for individual childrens needs. Has anyone got any best practice ideas or even a copy of a blank one. I have been searching the EYFS standards site and haven't found any info.


Many thanks

(I am working in a Nursery setting)

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I have attached a PLOD (individual plan) that i have just started to use. The way I am finding that it works for me and others may use it differently, is that I am filling in one for each child every half term. I fill in the child's next steps based on observations of the child (them put into their learning story. )


I then, each week, have 5 focus children, which I enhance the provision for those children and target them in their play to meet their next steps on the PLODs. Its not exclusively only those 5 children I observe and plan for in those weeks but it makes me more aware of them on those weeks so each child gets some focus time over the half term. If there are a few children all displaying the same or similar next steps, which often happens, then i will plan an adult led activity to meet this.


Hope that is useful and makes sense. Would be interested to hear how others are using them. I have found that they really focus my play provisions and modelling and observing.


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