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Hi I am currently a childminder but considering a change and I have seen an advert for a family support worker in our local children's centre.


I am NVQ3 qualified and very experienced with children and families of children in the 0-5 age group.


From what I can see these are the main essentials of the job description.


However, I don't know much about children's centres so I wondered if someone would mind letting me know what I can expect if I was successful with the job application and also if I might stand a chance in the first place!


The other thing is the post is temporary for 6 months. Hubby is unsure about me giving up minding for a temporary job but I pointed out that I can keep my registration open and come back to it in the future if need be. Plus they are opening up another children's centre nearby so there might be some opportunities there.


If anyone can give me any help or advice I would really appreciate it.


Thank you

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Some new centres may be unsure of the staffing needs or indeed the budgets for next year, maybe this is why the position is tempary? If you get a chance, you could ask why the position is temp and if there is a possibility of extending the contract?


At the centre where I worked the Outreach worker had to do home visits as well as run stay and play sessions. She also did baby massage courses for parents and tripple P behaviour management courses for parents. She also ran PEEP sessions. I think the role can vary from centre to centre.


I attended a course recently with lots of outreach workers, they had all come from a variety of backgrounds, including two that were childminders!


I remember asking our outreach worker what her interview was like and she said that the emphasis was on what and how she might reach the 'hard to reach' families. It was very much about working with the family as a 'whole'


If you do decided to apply, then perhaps you could research the children centre (most have their own websites) and find out what it offers already and think about what else you could suggest to enhance their services?


Good luck.



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Hi, ive done just that- Childminder for 8 years, outstanding and full, also earning quite a lot.


I have been at the centre for 6 months as a Family Support Outreach Worker and love it. I enjoy chatting and supporting parents, running groups and the home visits also working with other professionals.


It has taken a bit of adjustment, after running very successful business, the hardest bit is having to check out everything with the manager first, although this might be because the manager is a bit of a control freak and can be a bit negative, (im learning to manage and work with it)!!! lots of support from the team..


Its great to have my home back and to be able to come home after work without having the responsibilities that i had before., I have taken a drop in income, but it has been worth it.


It is all about how to reach hard to reach families,


Go for it

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Hi there.... i think the role of family support worker varies somewhat depending on which children's centre and area you live in. I am a family support worker in a phase 1 area.....most of my work is done in families homes, helping them deal with crisises in their lives, or just through a difficult patch. It is all about hard to reach families and giving the children the best possible start for them.

I agree with other comments, it would be good to find out why the post is temporary....it could be a budgeting issue.....but it is best to know. Let us know about you decision! X

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I would wait to see what government comes into power - if its conservatives they are looking at reducing services within centres, - making them self sufficient, which means a lot may have to let staff go ( one may be outreach! - perhaps if that is why the position is temporary) -



I know many a centre that is waiting with bated breath for the elections due to implications it will have on the services they can then offer and the staff they can employ

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