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Hi all

Can anyone give any reviews of any type of these units. Supervisor looking at getting one but want to know what it is like to maintain etc. We have sometimes 40 children in per session so wouldnt want to have to change the water after only 10 washes!


We are a walk away from the loos, unable to have sinks plumbed in and so at the moment use bowl of water for painty hands and babywipes for snack time hence why we are looking at these. She has asked me to come on and get your views.



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We have a portable sink for snack time. We`ve had it a for a few years now and it`s great. Its the type that has two cartons underneath for clean and dirty water and the children "pump" the tap to get the water to fill the sink.


I would definately recomment it. It has stood up to continued use for 20-30 children per session. The only thing I would recommend is to make sure you put it on a wipeable surface as the tap can be turned around and our little ones (we take children from 2 years) can turn it around and pump the water onto the floor!



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