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Iam very interested in the new developments in EYFS and 'going back to play' and free-flow etc and adult-led, child-initiated play! Can anyone help with articles/information etc in this area?

How r u finding it? Has yr setting had to adapt and if so how etc? would be so grateful for any ideas etc!


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Wow, this is a huge topic, Jam17, and I think it covers the whole of this website! Take a look at the articles section, and you'll come across lots of ideas for both child-initiated and adult-directed play opportunities (authors Sue Ridgway and Juliet Mickelburgh are particularly useful here)


I'm not quite sure what you mean by "going back to play".....could you explain bit more please? :o


Certainly free-flow is easier for some settings to offer than others, due to the building they are working in and staffing levels. How are you finding it?

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