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In January 10 of my Foundation children will move up to a Year One class. This year I really want to make sure that the provision offered caters for the mixed year group. The Year One children are generally less mature/able and therefore a good match to the Foundation aged children.


The Year One teachers are concerned that SATs results will drop in Year 2 next year, if the Yr1's receive a Foundation based curriculum this year.


My questions are... 1. What do we think that the provision in a quality F/1 class should look like?

2. Is there any written guidance on mixed F/1 classes and how they are set up?


I would love to hear your opinions and I'm sure my colleagues would to!

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Guest tinkerbell


I work in a small school and the intake is 15 reception children each year.We therfore have 15 year1 and 15 year2 also.

2 classes so class 1 has the receptionchildren 17 (this year appeals) and 5 year1=22 children

Class 2 has the majority of the year1 10 and the 16 year2 =26 children.


we have an old Victorian building with 2 small rooms so it would be unfair for one of the teachers to have just 1 year group eg R or Yr2 whilst the other had 2 groups.....and we would be over the 30 if we did.


So we have split the year 1 for many years and these children do not suffer and do not underachieve in their ks1 SATS.

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We are much the same as tinkerbell - year 1s split between 1/2 class and my class - mainly R but a few Y1s. Can't say how foundation-style would work in mixed y1/2 class as I haven't taught them, but the Y1s I have 'kept' have met or exceeded expectations for Y2 when they have got to that stage - by that I mean expectations for them (so may not have been predicted 2b anyway, but have made amount of progress they should, or made more progress). However, a fair few over the years HAVE achieved 2b at y2, even though they did't have 'good' YR profile scores.

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