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I have just taken on a role as an early year’s educator in a children's centre, I was a childminder.

I am a little confused and wondered if anyone could shed some light.

What is a job role of an early year’s educator?

We seem to run a crèche, stay & play and an after school club, are we supposed to do observations on all children or just the ones that fall into the EYFS, do we do observation on the stay & play children who might just turn up once in a blue moon.

Can anyone please help I feel I am way over my head!


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I think all children's centres are different and they all expect different things of the Early years educators/practitioners. We only do observations on children that attend regularly in our creche. We dont do observations on children in stay and play sessions or in Peep sessions. However if a parent speaks to one of us about a specific matter about their child or issues at home etc then we have to fill in a one to one contact form which then gets entered on to the computer system. We also have to evaluate every session that we do, so after a stay and play or peep sessions we would fill out an evaluation form, if a particular incident happened that was note worthy, it would be put on the form. But like I said, I think every centre does things slightly differently.



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