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I teach in a nursery with children from 3 to 4. Does anyone off the top of their head know what the ratio is to take these chidlren off site? And where I could read up further information on this topic?





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I have asked this many times of many people and believe the actual answer is officially the same ratio as inside .......but your risk assessment would usually throw up that you would need a higher number of staff to keep everyone safe.


But if you can show in your RA that you can carry out the activity safely with the usual number of staff then it can go ahead.


I have not been able to find anything that states a different ruling but you must follow your setting policies which may contain info. about operating a higher ratio on trips.


But I am a new girl and there will be others coming along with wiser words I think....

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In the Statuatory Framework for the EYFS book it states under Outings:

Children must be kept safe whilst on outings


For each type of outing, providers must carry out a full risk assessment, which includes an assessment of required adult:child ratios. This assessment must take account of the nature of the outing, and consider whether it is appropriate to exceed the normal ratio requirements (as set out in this document), in accordance with providers' procedures for supervision of children on outings. The assessment must be reviewed before embarking on each specific outing.

These are specific legal requirements.


We go out quite a lot in our Pre-School and it depends on the type of visit whether I increase staff levels or not. We visit the local park, woods, recreation ground with the same ratios as we use indoors. If we go on a visit somewhere else in the village which involves crossing roads etc. then we increase staff and usually have a ratio of 1:2 or 1:3. If we are using public transport we always have a ratio of 1:2.


Good luck, hope this helps,


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We use parent helpers in our ratio when we visit the forest and students can be used if they are of the correct age abd a regular

they have good and bad points, some are good and some are not some children are not bothered with their parent there some are

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