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Hi everyone


I really need your help desperately. At the moment my topic through a child's interest is rockets/space, however we are getting moderated in two weeks (only found out today xD) still keeping on the same theme and need advice on anythin 'WOW' that i could do. I would like for the moderators to walk in a be 'wow' how good is this. The focus is mark making and I am the nursery teacher but struggling for mark making ideas. The only downside is they are coming in in the afternoon and we only have a few children in the afternoon so it wont look as busy with having only 12 children. Also any ideas for what i could put in my continuous provision inside and outside. It would make my day for any suggestions.


thanks very much


kate :o

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Hi, if you wanted to get very clever and science-y you could look at how rockets get into space. Get hold of one of those foam rocket launchers where you jump on the base and the air pushes the rocket upwards. Get the children to talk about how they get the rocket to go as high as possible (the stronger the force down, the bigger the force up - einstein or newton, sorry not sure which one).


They could also make marks to show how far the rocket travels (you can bend the launcher on these things sideways).


Also, writing lists of what they would like to take with them on a trip into space, maybe postcards home from outer space.


Or how about some work on the planets?

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Hi Kate,


I asked a similar question a couple of weeks ago and someone put a link on to other forums that have already been discussed about this. Not sure how to do the link but I think if you search space the ideas will come up. There are some really good ideas on the forum, worth a look, might give you some more ideas!

Hope this helps!


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thanks suzie i think that rocket launcher sounds fantastic do you know where i would get one of them from. thanks annalea ano i have looked on the other forums but not many ideas on mark making.


thanks for your ideas.



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