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I was wondering if anyone can give me some guidance as to what they do for their MTP in Reception. I am planning from the children's ideas as we should do but am now confused as to what I should have on a MTP. Please could people tell me what they are doing or attach some files to give me a starting point.


A stressed Reception teacher




Sarah xx

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My mpt for any half term shows upcoming festivals and events we will cover, plus any specific skills we want to cover in PD/CD, such as cutting, threading, weaving, etc - these can then easily be incorporated into an activity led by children. For instance - our overall theme for autumn 2 is 'Books, books, books!' - very open ended! I have chosen a fiction text to use - Traction Man by Mini Grey. However, I have not just gone straight in to using this text, I have planted seeds in minds about what it means to be a superhero - what do they do etc - this will link in with Sp and Lis - I sent home a 'time to talk' slip so parents could join in with the group discussions in school! The childrne have taken this on and developed it in a way I could never have 'planned'. All Friday afternoon we wore pegs on various parts of our clothes - these turned us in to Ben 10, Spiderman, Batman etc. I took photos v quickly so I can use these next week.


Hope that helps - contact me if you want to talk more!



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