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Hi everyone, :D

seems strange to be in the BTTM site as opposed to the nursery or yr1 forum. But i've been asked to teach a module on the childcare course- advanced cert for wroking with babies :o and i would like some input on how to approach this topic, how to teach it. or startingpoints. Any good authors i should be referring to and any good webistes i could get information. Also i noticve that there has been talk and discussion about the planning sheets that could be used by keyworkers in the bieth to 2 age group. could i have any examples please. :(


Thanks in advance


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There were a series of pull out booklets relating to all the aspects of the BTTM in Nursery World magazines last year. I can't remember specifically which ones but it might tell you on their website. I know that you can order back copies if it's of any help. :)

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