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How can we facilitate In helping a child to represent their experience and develop their ideas ?.


can someone help me here please ?



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Hi Metropolis,

I think the answer lies with encouraging the child through their creative work; art (2D and 3D), drama/puppets/small world story making, movement and dance.

Lots of free choice play so that you can see where their interests lie, and therefore what activities you can plan for them to do in the short term, to build on this. Also, lots of choice in materials; low shelves for children to choose art and craft materials, so that they can make original combinations of things, eg playdough, buttons and feathers to create a 3D model of a bird they saw with Grandma at the zoo :)

Children are able to represent their experience through all these methods, only when they feel safe and secure, and their work is valued and respected. Practitioners showing a real interest in a child's work, asking questions about their work, etc really do promote this development.

Hope this helps :)

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