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Hi everyone,


I'm currently completing an application form for a foundation job though I haven't been given a person specification. Is this usual as I don't have a clue what sort of a teacher they are looking for?! I'm therefore struggling with the personal statement bit and what to include, though I have read some previous posts which were very helpful!


I'd be grateful for any advice on what to include in the statement (and whether to handwrite or type it!)


Thanks guys xD:o:(

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Hi there,


I agree, not sending a person specification hampers you somewhat!! Maybe you should check they've not just forgotten it????


Personally, I would type, but sign in pen - if only because my writing, whilst OK when I really concentrate, tends to wander off when I get 'into it' and it then becomes less easy to read!!!


What does anyone else think??


Sue :D

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Hi Peaches

Sometimes jobs are described as being suitable for NQTs, sometimes not and sometimes they do not come with job descriptions or person specifications, they may also refer to teachers terms and conditions and you can find these on Teachernet. If you do get sent something, do look carefully at the specifications as I have seen specified recently several things that teachers are not supposed to do re the workload agreement. While I do not entirely agree with said agreement, you should be aware of those things from you should be exempt, that you may be agreeing to in accepting such a job. Im very hazy on this one though it just causes me some concern!


So look on teachernet and familiarise yourself with terms and conditions (in the past this was also referred to as The Burgundy Book--as guess what colour the cover was! so you may see that referenced too!?)

In your letter of application you need to talk about you--your course and your experiences etc, why you feel attracted to the job youre applying for and a statement about your philosophy and what you could offer. It can be difficult blind so dont rush it, do you not have a lecturer you could ask for advice?


Also it is good form if you possibly can to visit, preferably while the school is in session but certainly if the school does not encourage this then I would avoid it big time! You should get a feel from this visit of the sort of person they require and you can tailor your application accordingly, also whether you would be happy working there and therefore whether to apply. (Saying that Im sure I didnt visit my first school, although Ive no idea why not!)


As for the letter, again ask your lecturers. It was certainly good practise to handwrite such letters but I think it is often specified now if they require this. Computers do seem to have revolutionised many things but whatever you do, do sign it! Also keep a record of what you say, you may just need to answers questions based on what you tell them so you also need to be honest! Once you have one letter written you will have the basis of others with modifications to suit each job of course, should the need arise.


Good luck :D

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You are right about using the computer I think Susan, it is an important skill these days isn't it plus I can show my handwriting on the form itself. :D

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