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Hi everyone


I am after some inspirational writing acivities for my reception class. During the last half term the children have explored mark making for letters, lists, labelling pictures and maps, name tags for toys they had brought in and captions.


We have also done mark making and patterns with ribbons and streamers, gloop, chalk, sand, paint, water and paintbrushes...


I am starting to teach phase 2 of letters and sounds after half term.


Any ideas????

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sounds a pretty exhaustive list! My children like to write on very large sheets of paper, which I tape to the underside of a table so they have to lie on their backs to write - good for large muscle development! Rolls of wallpaper are also good to use!


Will you be following a theme to which you can link the writing (purpose) - we are doing 'books, books, books! - very open ended so we can make all types of books - use photos of ourselves etc.


We will also do gingerbread man for our oral story telling so we can write recipes, plus we 'll read 'Traction Man' ny Mini Grey - he (or my hubby!) will write to the children to ask them for help designing a new superhero outift (Marvel kids.com has a great design feature) for him and his friend, Amber.


Good luck!



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Thanks for your response


We will be doing transport as lots of the children adore playing with the train set and cars, as well as floating boats in the water tray.


I am planning to turn the joint role play and writing table into a train station. the children will use big boxes to make a train and then make tickets, timetables, reservations....as the writing opps.


And anything else they decide to do. I really try to let them take the lead.


Thanks again for your response.


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Ooh I love the idea of putting paper underneath the tables - some of mine love to play (cramped!) under the tables so this would be great for them!

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