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Dpp Planning - What Did You Do?


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Well I have finally got my head around what I am supposed to be doing - I think, and then i read a previous thread on this and got confused again!


So here goes


E3 - Identify progress from one childs profile - apparently I can use the profile from unit 1 ( no problems here)


E4 - Include a curriculum plan for the whole pre-school setting which will progress the learning and development of this child - I have done this using EYFS headings and provided activities based on the interests of the child in the profile.


E5 - Identify experiences in the curriculum plan (E4) to promote each area of learning and development of all the children at the setting - I have beed told by my tutor to do this under SPIEL headings, even though in my NEC build up assignment I used EYFS headings.


E6 - Show how the experiences in the curriculum plan (E4) will enable children to progress to achievement of the early learning goals - back to EYFS headings linking expected outcomes of the experiences identified in E5 to the curriculum framework.


So my question is what is everybody else doing or did? It seems a bit of a pain to switch between EYFS and SPIEL and headings


Has anybody done all EYFS headings and got marked down? :o

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Hi I did my Cache certificate CCLD level 3 via the NEC and I just referred everything to the EYFS and have got a provisional over all B grade. It does seem a bit odd to ask you to flit between the two, when the EYFS is the current requirments.




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just wanted to know how many marks out of 5 you got for E6 since you used eyfs and not spiels

Im confused at the moment on what to do. So far i have chosen 5 activities in e5 and i have linked it in e6 but i still have kuw and creative development to talk about i didnt choose an activity for it so now im thinking i have to add it to e5

what shall i do, use 6 activities for e5 then use the same in e6?


I have really had enough of this unit. e5 and e6 is confusing

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I combined E5 and E6, I used the spiel headings for five of the activities I'd used in E4 and linked each to an EYFS development matters statement, i.e.


Intellectual Development - Outdoor Laundry

Progressing towards the Early Learning Goal of - Use developing mathematical ideas and methods to solve practical problems, EYFS, PSRN, Shape, Space & Measures (pg 76).


I scored 5/5 for both E5 and E6.


Hope that helps a bit.



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Hi Kim,

In the end I used EYFS headings for the planning E4 for which I scored 4/5 I think I lost a mark cos I only did three weeks planning due to word count. I then combined sections E5 and E6 and used SPIEL headings and got full marks for both sections. I found this confusion over SPIEL and EYFS headings very annoying cos all we need is clear advice on what to do and we will do it!


I have just looked at the cache guidance and it implies using SPIEL for this section, which is good cos you only have to do 5 activities and not 6 if you use EYFS headings


Have you had any advice from your tutor ?

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