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Hi all, just thinking about next week (even though it is the first day of half term hols!). I am intending to a 'assessment' week not anything formal just a way of finding out where my Reception children are at with their learning - partly so that I know I am catering for them but also our 30 kids are taught by key workers therefore I rarely have all children at any one time. Im ok with phonics assessment, but does anyone have a handy psrn assessment type 'checklist' they would be kind enough to offer. I dont like ticklists per se I just want all the practitioners who work in such close proximity with the children to be able to inform me in a visual way where they are up to with their learning. I do intend to carry out the assessments in a fun/informal way. Hope this makes sense!


Thanks in anticipation!

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I've got no format but I would look at these things


-number recognition

-rote counting

-1:1 correspondence

-understanding of more/less when comparing sets

-number ordering

-1 more/1 less

-understanding of how many altogether in an addition context and how many are left in a subtraction context


I hope that makes sense

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