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Hi guys I have got an interview for a reception class but my interview is for children in years 1/2 (I think 12 in total)


I have to teach a mental maths session through ICT - They have the ICT Suite booked for me.


I was thinking of finding something on www.ictgames.com (Which I know for a fact they use in school - but they dont know that I know)


Does anyone have an ideas, or websites/activities they feel would benifit year 1/2 children at this time of year? Its for mental maths.


I was thinking of maybe starting the activity on the whiteboard and allowing the children to use their laptops to continue the activity independantly (So that they all get a turn and move around).


I also have to produce and discuss something I am proud of. I thought I would show them a picture of my class and say what I am proud of. However, I am worried because I only have 10 children in total that I can photograph together. I thought it would be nice to say I am most proud of these children stating that when they came in they did not know how to read at all and now know how to read words through phonic knowledge I have taught them.


Also we have our lunch at the school, do you recommend sitting with a group of children at dinner and talking to them? Maybe even going outside with them? What do you think - or would this be a bit to obvious.


Many thanks

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Yes, you should interact with the children as much as possible so unless you are directed to have lunch elsewhere you could ask to eat with the children and go outside.


I think Id be tempted to look for an alternative site to the one you know they use in the school already. There are some good games on Topmarks. How long does your lesson last for? mental maths suggests naumber recognition, calculation etc to me.


Good Luck.

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