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Cll - Phonics Phase 1


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Can anyone give me some advise when it comes to planning for reception. I have an interview soon and need to plan a lesson for a group of 12 children, lesson focus - phonics phase 1. It is my first interview and feeling very nervous.


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I love Silly soup in letters and sounds - you could take lots of rhyming objects in with you and a big bowl with HUGE spoon for stirring. My class love it, and join in enthusiastically with the rhyme. This could be differentiated quite easily by support, talk partners etc. if children are not confident or whiteboards and pens to write words for very able. Just one idea....there are lots!!


Is it just a whole group input they want? If they wanted to see group activity - you could do follow up of cut and stick or draw rhyming objects into a bowl, use of magnetic letters etc.


There are loads of great ideas in the book though - just take a pick at what suits your teaching style best and what you feel comfortable with!


Good Luck!

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