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I am trying to make a plan for each key person doing focused long observations across the year on their children.


I was going to plan 6 obs. a year for each child, one in each of the 6 areas so 6 per child in total but.....

I did some long. obs. last week which were fascinating and really illuminating but I would be hard pressed to pin them down into any area of the curriculum. One girl was crawling around for 20 mins following another child (she is 4), loads of great info. but it could only count as PSED I think.


I wondering if it might be better to just do six general long. obs.a year for each child and then look for emerging patterns etc. ?


Thoughts please , oh wise ones!

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Hi Edlee,


Have you considered letting your Keypersons plan and do obs for their Key group? This is the way we work, staff feedback to the rest of the team both formally and informally, so all are aware of children's specific needs at any one time. Have a look here to see how we do it.


Hope this is helpful,



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