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I have an Interview on 3rd November for this post, The interview is in 4 stages...


Part 1 - meet the parents - i will meet parents for 20 minutes and they will bring up topics for discussion that I have to discuss with them as if i was working in a group with them.


Part 2 - I have to reflect on this for 10 minutes and fill in a reflection and evaluation form


Part 3 - Interview and Presentation - The presentation is

"Produce a plan of an activity you would use with a parent and a 2 year old child to promote CLLD in the home" explain rationale, how to facilitate the session and evaluate the impact. should be no longer than 10 minutes and not use projection, computers etc.


Part 4 - Tour of the centre.


I am ok with parts 1,2 and 4, but just need a bit of help with the presentation. obviously, (i think) the activity needs to be able to be done in the home with no cost to the parent etc. any suggestions would be appreciated?





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Hi, just wanted to say well done for getting the interveiw, sounds fairly heavy going, what sort of job is it?

I am a Family Support Outreach Worker at a Childrens Centre and I have just undrtaken some training on PEEP, might be worth looking at? there is a whole section on activities parens can do with their children at home.


PEEP promotes story time and singing,also use of using natural resources i.e wooden spoons and saucepans to make sounds.


The frame work for PEEP is ORIM

Opportunities, Recognition, Interaction and Moddeling

Hope this helps

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well done for getting to the interview stage


I am also a Family support outreach worker and I had to do some of the things you wrote for my interveiw too. I had to do a presentation and I did it on treasure baskets, as their was quite a lot of infomation on the internet to help me and i have used them before.


I took along a treasure basket for a younger child and a basket for a older child. I also showed how I could extend this activity for the 2 years + children. For example hide the treasure in the sand. I also had to explain the EYF learning goals. I was really scared, but I did get the job.

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