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Hello there folks

We are about to do our parent/children workshop focused on outdoor learning. And I have been to do a short presentation re the benfits of this (this was asked on Friday and the workshop is on Monday!) Has anyone done such a thing before and if so have you any sound bites that I could include in the presentation? I aim to do a powerpoint with lots of photos of the children already at play in our outdoor environment to demonstrate the fun and learning that goes on, but would like some qoutes to back it up. (Theory and thinking type)


I have also put together a quick questionnaire just to see what access the children have at home to open spaces and to try and get an idea of the parent's attitudes to learning outdoors. I would be ever so grateful if you could comment on it and see if I am missing something? many thanks



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There's a lot of research about how children make more and longer utterances outdoors than indoors, I can't remember the exact quote or the percentages. I think it's 5 times more for EAL children, but I can't remember for chilldren where english is the first language. It's still a lot and may even be the same.


With regards to the questionnaire I'd put an other please state option on question 3. I know my parents used to trail me off to the lake district every other weekend when I was little and though I don't know where you are there might be some similar thing semi-nearby that the parents take their kids too or something else you haven't thought of. (I work at an inland school on what can only be described as a very run down estate and even one of my children goes off to the beach on a semi regular basis cause they have close relatives in a costal town a good few hours drive away.)

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you could talk about the necessity for the development of children's vestibular system. It enables children to become independent learnersMuscle development for writing, obesity, concentration as research shows that children exposed to green outdoor space have a better concentration span. It helps them develop confidence and self esteem.

Theorists such as Macmillan sisters and susan Issacs, Froebel etc


sorry to prattle on but I hope this is some help


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