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We had THE phone call yesterday. Ofsted are inspecting our school on Mon and Tues, 3 inspectors for 2 days! Last week before half term hols so didnt get chance to do all that we had intended to do. Does anyone have any last minute advice they can offer as the last inspection was outstanding and is a hard act to follow!! I am Reception teacher in a Foundation Unit of 56 nursery and reception children


Thanks in advance!

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Hi Coco, initially dont panic!

Secondly dont change anything for an Inspection, carry on as normal as best you can. the children will give you away if you change your routines et as they will not be as fluent as they

could be!

Do activities that you are confident work etc and that you are confident delivering.


Good luck.

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We had ours a couple of weeks ago. Only advice I can think of at the moment is ensure any carpet sessions are brief, be honest, ensure you are catering for all abilities (esp higher), and don't stress out too much (hard I know).

Ofsted will already have a pretty good idea of what the outcome will be before they visit due to tracking, safeguarding etc, and will be looking for evidence to support that.

Be prepared that although you were outstanding last time Ofsted have raised the bar considerably and you may not get the result you want.

Good Luck

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