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Hello again,


Earleir this week while on an EYFS course, it was mentioned that we needed to update our versions of the EYE-profile, which I duly did the following day.


The new profile puts in the data according to the months of the year (no longer 'on entry': 'autumn A' etc) and I'm a bit concerned re the prgoress that will be shown.


I entered the data for my children as on entry for the first two weeks and then updated some bits towards the end of September as -Autmn A and last week as Autumn A when I'd notcied particular things about the children. However, following the update all the data I entered in September (on entry and Autumn A) now just states September - slightly frustrating!!! Data I put in as Autumn A last week comes us as 'October'.


I thought I'd be able to go into my old version and look at the results from my one of my back up data files to determine which points some children had 'on entry' and those which were at 'autumn A' during September - however, the data comes up in the new format -arghh!!!


The other issue I have discovered is I have a SEN pupil who is repeating Reception year in my class (she barely made all the stepping stones (scape points 1 - 3) last year so I am continuing her assessments on her profile from last year - it was working fine as I could add any improvement from this term as Autumn A 09 to see the progression/improvements, however on the new EYE versions, the only option is the month of the year and there is no year date with it so it seems she achieved the point September last year - does that make sense? I'm unsure how we will be able to show her progress over this year as she has already made up some of the initial scale points.


Any adivce as always will be greatly appreciated - I'm hoping to speak to my EYs advisor later as well but you are always so helpful!!


Many thanks


Becky xx

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Re your SEN child it makes great sense to be tracking her and planning for her from the EYFS but you will not be reporting on her as she is out of birth date and will have been reported on last year.


Can you track her on paper instead as she is only one to track in this way as it is an excellent way to show how she is making progress?

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