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Tracking Childrens Progress In A School Nursery


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I am new to the foundation stage this year. I am teaching in a school nursery which has 48 part time children.


I have been given an electronic system of tracking childrens progress which starts at 22-36 months. It is called the EYROA and I am led to believe is only used in Manchester??? Anyway, it is AWFUL!!! And to make matters worse my EYFS leader won't continue with it in reception because she doesn't like it but is still expecting me to complete it for nursery.


Obviously I have a profile for each child which I keep my observations in, but need some way of keeping track of the whole groups progress.


Any ideas?? How are other people doing this?? And if you are using the EYROA, how are you finding it?? What is happening in other Manchester schools??


Ideally I want something that can be easily continued with in reception, as I don't see the point in starting something that won't be fininshed!



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