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Welfare Requirments And The Role Of Ostead


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Hello everyone


I am delivering some training to 1st year degree students on the welfare requirements and the role of ofsted (riveting stuff I know).

Has anyone got any ideas how I can make this topic relevant to their knowledge which will be minimal and also lively and not too off putting for there future in the early years workforce.



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Hmm, just first thoughts in the early twilight hours....possibly introduce the historical viewpoint, from SS under 8's officers, their advisory role..... to present time, why Ofsted now do Inspections and how they don't do the advisory role like under 8's officers did.


as for presentation methods I'll have a think , hmmmm..............1st thoughts again - possibly have different welfare statements on seperate pieces of paper, and using another coloured piece of paper have different policies written on seperate pieces of paper, play a pairs game, match the policy to the welfare statement. :o (work in small groups or pairs)




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