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Guest colechin

Hi everyone, hope you can help me.


I have been swamped down with the application form for our new proposed building. I have sat for many long hours with committee members helping to put together 3 years forecasts for finances and children numbers plus many more number crunching forms.


I am now filling in the boxes headed up ...What impact would the new facility have on....

The Children

The Staff

The Wider Community

The School

I have started commenting in the boxes and have spoken to the headmaster of the school for his comments too. Could you all have a think about your own settings and how you would answer the above questions.


Then between us all I shouldn't leave anything out!


Thank you in advance.

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i would look at what you are not able to do in your current building and what you would like to do in your new one, how would the children and staff benefit from the new building -would it mean improved access for all ? more room, better facilites etc, then concider how these would be of benefit.


will you be able to increase numbers, run extra sessions, toddler groups, after school clubs, youth clubs, run parenting classes etc from your new building, will the wider community have better access to your building -are you able to use it for more than just the playgroup ? is there a need for extra or longer sessions and would you be able to offer these ? will you be involving the community in running the commitee , will they help by painting the building, maintaining it, doing the garderning etc -all thses are good for community spirit etc


speak to the head as to how it would benefit the school - building good relationships with the school can make the transition from playgroup to school easier and less stressfull for child and parent -how you could work together with the reception class EYFS etc etc,


write it all down rough first before you complete the form, you may also thing of other ideas as you do this, make bullet points and see if you can expand on them.


make sure you read the application criteria too -and ensure you cover all the points they mention in your application form.

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Guest colechin

Thank you for your replies. I have started jotting down ideas and spoken to each of the staff to see how they feel, also to current parents. I even drafted a questionnaire for the parents asking them what they would like to see in the nursery and also in the outside play area.


All information helps. Its just I go blank, too much in depth thinking, and not taking a step back and reflecting on what everyone has said over the years, when viewing the nursery or in previous questionnaires.


Thank you once again

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