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Hi everyone, i am seriously in need of some inspiration! i have a display board in my class (reception) that is specifically for ICT. does anyone have any ideas of what i can put on it? i am currently doing fairytales and thought about creating a map (little red riding hood) but not sure. i am also teaching early addition in numeracy, so thought about doing something like placing spots on a ladybird and adding them (but then realised i'd have to create a ladybird first!) Any ideas greatly appreciated as i am running out of them! :o

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We have a board that we use to display children's drawings ~ that have been drawn on the compuer programme. You could also display photos of objects such as electrical appliances, battery operated objects. You could even make a sorting game with these including a catergory that does not need power.

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Not strictly speaking Toys but I have used "Harry & the bucketful of dinosaurs" and "Billys bucket"


We use Billy's bucket for water play, displays and Circle time.


Water Play - Clear buckets, fishing nets, a variety of fish, sharks, rocks, mermaids, divers and subs. Children make a bucket like BIlly's


Display - A clear bucket, acetate (3D) and the children think of things to put in the bucket. Positional language is good here. Under the shark, behind the spade etc.


Circle time - A clear bucket, children take the bucket home, and return with some things important to them. We can all look through "x's" bucket and learn a little more about each other.



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We were talking ITC at work the other day and these are some of the equipment we talked about that might give inspiration.


Digital camera - create a photo album of the kids and their class enviroment


Art packages on the PC - do a display of computer generated pictures (packages like dazzle)


Calculators - big collage picture of a calculator surrounded by numbers


Telephones - communication, language etc. How we use them to talk to people in other parts of the country/world


Audio equipment - CD/tapes of different music, art piece inspred by a particular piece of music


Alarm clocks - time and squencing the days activities


Getting late now and brain started to dry up, hope this helps.



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