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I am new to the whole Promethean board thing and the school have just moved to using Activ Inspire. I am really stuggling to get to grips with the software as I was a SMARTBoard user for many years - the help notes don't help as they assume you have been using activ Primary/Studio before - can anyone help?

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Hello Lullahs!


I know exactly how you feel, I loved my smart board, and I felt completely lost when my new school had Promethean. Just a question- but what age do you teach- as I was under the impression that Activprimary was for younger chidlren and activinspire was for older? After a term I can say that I am now feeling much more confident, mostly in part to daily usage, but also due to the training provided on the promethean planet website. I find the website a bit of a maze- but if you go into 'Support' you can download and print a very basic guide. However, if you go into 'Professional Development' and then 'Activlearning' you can take part in online free training (only the first few- as you have to pay after the first couple- but plenty of help to get you doing everything that you want) but they are very thorough, and in my opinion helped much more than the information under 'support'.

I can't offer specific support on Inspire- but I had a look and you can def do the training.

Hope this has helped!



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