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hi all hope you can help ...



we are looking to start doing optional home visits prior to a new child starting at our setting.


does anyone do home visits who can lend a helping hand on possible ideas, formats or useful information that will help to make these a success


many thanks xx

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We do home visits. We ask the parents to fill in a 'Unique Child' booklet before the visit and we use that as the starting point for the chat during the visit.


While we are there we draw out any 'key points' into a support plan which informs the planning for the child's first few weeks with us (planning from children's interests) and forms the first piece of 'next steps' info. for that child.


We try to take some photos of the setting with us and take a photo of the child at home which we then display in the pre-school and point out to them on their first visit.


For the 'Unique Child' booklet I borrowed quite heavily from the Southampton LEA one that I think someone flagged up on this forum.


Home visits- best thing we have done so far. Made a huge difference to our relationships with children and parents. 27 new children...no tears.



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