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Hi does anyone know the signs for carrot and tomato?

i am trying to get them for next week. I've searched on the web but to no avail. I don't want to purchase a book as we can get most through our sp & lang support but will not being seeing them for another couple of weeks

thank you

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I'm not sure about carrot but for tomato you pretend to be holding a tomato in your none dominant hand and then with your dominant hand you twist the stalk off the top


As I said I'm not sure what the sign for carrot is but for vegetable you make a fist with your none dominant hand and hold it against your chest then with your dominant hand make a V shape with your index and middle finger and pull them up over the fist of your other hand as if miming peeling vegetables.


Sorry if the descriptions don't make much sense, I hope you can understand what I mean. It's very difficult to describe signs. I don't have a link to show you, I'm just telling you from memory and having checked my workbook from the makaton course I did earlier in the year. Strangely enough "carrot" isn't in the makaton core vocabularly so we weren't taught it.



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