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[size="2"]Hi everyone, i have never posted on here before and im in need of some help. This is my first year teaching in a reception class and im not at all confident im doing the right thing. I'm not used to the daily routine and i havent been given much advice from school as no one seems to know how the day should be set up either.


At the moment the children are having whole class teaching for 15 mins in the morning then they go and do child initiated play while i rotate groups to get activities done. I've been told to do three activities a day, CLL, PRSN and one other. I just feel that the way i'm setting it up isnt right and there should be more structure to it somehow.


I can't count how many daily timetables i've written and then binned in the last few weeks!


Please help!!! Stressed! :o

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Hi Josey,


I know how you feel having completed my NQT year last year. I spent my NQT time going round different reception classes which was invaluable and feel much more confident this year.

I think 3 adult led tasks is quite a lot to get through but I guess it depends on how many children you have and the types of activities you have.


I kind of tend to see the day in 2 sessions, morning and afternoon. At the beginning of each session I do a 15 minute carpet session then, like you rotate through the groups so they have all completed the activity by the end of the morning, and the rest of the children do child initiated learning/play. The same for the afternoon really. I tend to have more of a CLL or PSRN focus to the morning and more creative/topic activities in the afternoon, but having to be more flexible at the moment while half of my class are part time to ensure they are getting a balanced curriculum.


I have attached my timetable but I think people all do it differently and you have to find a system that works for you.


Hope that makes sense and helps!


K x


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