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Hello - need to pick some braind as mine seems to have ground to a halt !!!!


Some of our more energetic boys have taken a big interest in castles - playing role paly castles loads. Next week I want to plan and provide some castle related activies . So far I have a pop up castle tent , cloaks and crowns for knights and hobby borses to gallop around on so role play box is ticked - I am stuck for other activities to incorporate idea other areas of provision _ can anyone help ! Thanks Lizzy x

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- construction big and small, indoors and out ? Lots of positional/comparative language

- getting to know some of the great words to do with castles, like dungeon, portcullis, battlements, trapdoor, crenellations, oubliet, drawbridge, motte and bailey - they can biuld a lot of these in the sand - boxes, buried make good dungeons as long as theyre strong.(make sure you have a prisoner or two to sling in and some treasure) I usually find there are some that love this kind of language in the same way they love long dino names!

- those long foam noodles/woggles (floats for the pool) make good lances or can be cut short for swords - we've had them as general outdoor toys for a long time and they have been well used in a host of ways - and pretty much harmless.


all can come up with off top of head but sure will be more ideas along ...sounds like a lot of fun :)

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