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I am relatively new to Reception and I wonder if anyone who works for Durham LEA knows the answer. In the past I know that assessment on entry to Rec was sent off after the first half term. However, now that we are using FSP and not Flying Start 2, when do we enter the data in the Autumn term? Is it December, or as before at the end of the first half term? Also does the assessment data then have to be entered again at the end of the Spring Term as well as the Summer term ?


Thanks for any replies.

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Nursery are still using Flying Start 2 but we were told by LEA not to use it for Reception ( since Sept 08). Rec are just using FSP grids, dont know if it was decided that FS2 was no longer thought to be the best way of recording progress/attainment since the introduction of EYFS-pass???

I think that the LEA are currently now looking at an alternative to FS2 for Nursery also, but as yet there is no replacement so they have to use that for the time being.

Perhaps someone who knows might enlighten me!!!

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The LA have posted that they are working on a new format linked to Progress Matters but it won't be ready until next year



Year R Only


· Practitioners in YR should have completed their initial assessments of children in the Autumn Term. They should be using the EY Foundation Stage Profile only. Individual and whole-class summative sheets were sent to schools in July to support this process. To ease transfer of information into AM7 it is recommended that assessments made this half term are highlighted in a colour which makes them clearly distinguishable. It is these assessments that will provide a picture of entry attainment. Any assessments completed after the period identified by the school for the completion of ‘entry profiling’ should be highlighted in a contrasting colour. NB. There is no statutory requirement for schools to carry out assessments on entry to YR therefore it is for individual schools to determine the allocation of time given to this process. It is recommended that this takes account of the time needed for children to become settled in their new environment and for teachers to build up an accurate picture of what children can do and understand.




· Marksheets were made available in Assessment Manager 7 as part of the November upgrade. NB. Schools should input entry profiling information only in the Autumn Term




· Data collected after initial profiling has been completed can be inputted in January and on-going across the Spring Term. It is recommended that assessment information is updated by the end of February when the Spring Term analysis will help schools to evaluate progress and to identify groups or individuals who require targeted interventions.




· Assessment information should be finalised by the end of June when the Summer Term analysis will provide a picture of standards at the end of YR.

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