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Hi, I have just started the E115. The first tutorial is on Saturday in Taunton.


I live not far from Gloucester but have a phobia about driving on the motorway! Consequently Taunton is a protracted 3 hour journey by public transport!


I have tried searching for tutoriala in the South West but they only suggest places like Winchester and Basingstoke! The Taunton tutorial is not on, so I do not know if they are all on at present and if there are any nearer ones - last year my tutorials were at Bristol and I presumed it would be the same this year.


Is anyone attending a tutorial with a hour or two's train/bus journey of Gloucester?

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Hi, cant really help you as my tutorial is in Nottingham this year, I'm doing E115 also. I just wondered if its worth asking your tutor in the email that you have to send him/her as part of activity 1.10 from the course materials. Tell him/her your problem and he/she may have some suggestions.


how are you getting on with the course materials? They make you work straight away dont they with the first lot of assignments in within 2 weeks of starting!!

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Due to the fact that they left my materials with an very elderly neighbour who promptly forgot she had received them, I only got my materials on Saturday! At first I was in a total panic at the thought of having to submit three TMA's by the end of next week. When I calmed down and read them through I realised, of course, that two of these were the permission and confirmation forms and the third seems to be just a brief summary of who you are and your setting and a short paragraph on what EYCLO you feel you may have trouble with and a tabular audit of what you feel you need to do to meet the criteria for each EYCLO


At the moment the hardest thing is to get my head around all the new terminology - I have set up my PEF for my EYCLOs and my WBLF and am curruntly looking at the TMA's!! I am still wondering if I have bitten off more than I can chew! I don't think I would even attempt it without this forum to come to for support and reassurance!


There is no way I can see myself getting through this without attending the tutorials. The Taunton tutor seems really friendly so I think I am just going to have to make my way to Taunton! The Richard Huish College site (where the tutorial is held) has a link to a really useful site, that I have not heard of before, this site works out a route combining all existing public transport. I have managed to find a way to arrive by 11am! In case anyone else is struggling to get to a venue (it covers any journey in the whole country) you might like to have a look this link:




I look forward to hearing how everyone gets on at their first tutorials and sharing any information that we have gleaned.



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